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Which phrase best completes the title for the partial outline shown below? I. Reasons for the ______________________ A. Increasing sectionalism B. Disagreements over states’ rights issues C. Breakdown of compromise D. Election of 1860
a) Start of the Revolutionary War
b) Adoption of the Bill of Rights
c) Failure of the Whiskey Rebellion
d) Secession of Southern States from the Union

A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free.” -Abraham Lincoln, 1858 According to this quotation, Abraham Lincoln believed that
a) slavery was immoral and should be abolished immediately
b) sectional differences threatened to destroy the Union
c) the Southern states should be allowed to secede
d) to save the nation, the North should compromise with the South on slavery

A house divided against itself cannot stand. . . . I do not expect the Union to be dissolved; I do not expect the house to fall; but I do expect it will cease to be divided.. . . .” -Abraham Lincoln, the divided house was caused primarily by
a) expansionism
b) war with Mexico
c) slavery
d) the suffrage movement

As the Civil War began, President Abraham Lincoln stated that his primary goal was to
a) end slavery
b) set new national boundaries
c) increase congressional powers
d) preserve the Union

The Civil War affected the northern economy by
a) causing a severe depression
b) increasing unemployment rates
c) decreasing demand for agricultural products
d) stimulating industrialization

The North’s rapid economic growth during the Civil War was stimulated by
a) the elimination of taxes on defense industries
b) a reduction in the number of immigrants
c) increased government demand for many products
d) enslaved persons filling industrial jobs

In the 1850s, why did many runaway slaves go to Canada?
a) They feared being drafted into the Northern army.
b) The Fugitive Slave Act kept them at risk in the United States.
c) More factory jobs were available in Canada.
d) Northern abolitionists refused to help fugitive slaves.

Which of the following was true when the Civil War began?
a) All the important material advantages lay with the North.
b) The South had the active support of England.
c) Southern industry was sufficient to conduct a war.
d) The Union was prepared for a long war.

Which of the following was an advantage enjoyed by the South at the outset of the war?
a) It would be fighting, for the most part, a defensive war.
b) Most of the white population of the South supported the war.
c) The South had better military commanders.
d) All these answers are correct.

Sherman's march through Georgia was designed to
a) find supplies for the Union armies in Virginia.
b) free the slaves in central Georgia.
c) get Lincoln reelected.
d) break the will of the Southern people.

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