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What is the name of the era (time period) we just finished studying?
a) The Age of Exploration
b) The Era of Reform
c) The Era of Cattle, Cotton and Railroads
d) The Age of the Cowboy

Which of these statements accurately describes women’s political involvement before 1919?
a) They could not vote, but they worked to bring about political and social reform.
b) They could not vote, so they ignored political or social issues.
c) They could vote and they used their political power to support many issues.
d) They could vote, but they did not take an active role in any political or social area.

Which of these reforms happened as a result of the Progressive movement?
a) Companies were encouraged to issue company scrip for wages instead of money.
b) Railroads were no longer regulated and were able to charge higher shipping rates.
c) Railroads were given funds from the sale of public lands and income taxes.
d) Companies had to follow anti-trust laws that made monopolies illegal.

What did Governor Hogg establish to give the government more power to regulate industries?
a) Antitrust Alliance
b) Texas Traffic Association
c) Texas Railroad Commission
d) Texas Traffic Association

What solution was created solve the problem of Suffrage?
a) radification of the 19th Amendment
b) radification of the 18th Amendment
c) radification of the 20th Amendment
d) radification of the 21st Amendment

Who led the Populist Movement?
a) James Hogg
b) James and Ima Hogg
c) Farmers and James Hogg
d) Farmers

What was one way Texans modified thier environment?
a) elected a president
b) used windmills to draw water from underground
c) made reforms
d) passed the 18th amendment

Which promise would a political candidate who supported the Progressive movement most likely make?
a) I will stop illigal immigrants from crossing into Texas
b) I can stop monopolies
c) I will break up anit-trust laws
d) “I will work to pass laws that improve working conditions in factories.”

Rent control for workers and Child Labor laws were started by which movement?
a) Progressive Movement
b) Populist Movement
c) Labor Union
d) Sufffrage

What is the significance of 1901?
a) The Civil War ended
b) Prohibition was ended
c) Women won the right to vote
d) Spindletop oil well was discovered

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