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Alice went to Finland with her family during Carnival time. She stayed in Rovaniemi, located in the Artic Circle. Find out the latitud of Rovaniemi.
a) Approximately 66 degrees N
b) Approximately 66 degrees S
c) 0 degrees
d) Approximately 66 degrees W

One night they drove to a forest and were very lucky: they saw the northern lights. It was very cold when they left the hotel: -15 degrees. When they reached the forest the temperature had dropped 3 degrees. What was the temperature at the wood?
a) 12 degrees
b) -12 degrees
c) 18 degrees
d) -18 degrees

On their way back to the hotel they stopped at a petrol sation. The paid with a credit card. The bill was 35€ but in that card they only had 20€. Explain what happened in their bank
a) The balance is 55€
b) The balance is -55€
c) The balance is -15€
d) The balance is 15€

When she arrived to the hotel, Alice went to bed. She was reading a book about a brave man who died in the year 17 AD at the age of 40. When was he born?
a) 23 BC
b) 23 AD
c) 57AD
d) 57 BC

Next day they made a snowmobile safari to a reindeer farm. It was very funny. The price of this safari was 120€ per person. As a group of six, they had a 2% discount. How much did they pay in total? ( the whole group)
a) 720€
b) 240€
c) 705.60€
d) None of the above

The reindeer farm had 44 of them. Three quarters were used for safaris. How many reindeers were not used in safaris?
a) 11
b) 22
c) 33
d) None of the above

Snowmobiles take to get to the farm 20 minutes at a speed of 60 km/ h. If the speed increases up to 80 km/h. Do you think it is a problem about direct or inverse proportion?
a) Direct proportion
b) Inverse proportion
c) Both of them
d) Neither of them

In the before question, how long does it take?
a) 15 minutes
b) 240 minutes
c) 40 minutes
d) None of the above

Last day Alice bought some presents for her cousins. Now her suitcase was very heavy. The handluggage can not exceed 10 kg. She has 13.80 kg. How many are spare?
a) 10
b) 13.80
c) 3.80
d) None of the above

If every extra kilo costs 1.50€, how much did she pay?
a) 5.60€
b) 4.50€
c) 13.50
d) None of the above

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