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What is a key factor to making Reaganomics work?
a) cutting spending
b) raising taxes
c) increasing welfare
d) decreasing farm subsidies

The combination of constant inflation and high unemployment?
a) Banruptcy
b) Recession
c) Depression
d) Stagflation

Mikhail Gorbachev was the leader of
a) Mexico
b) China
c) the Soviet Union
d) Vietnam

The Strategic Defense Initiative was created to
a) allow direct communication with the Soviet Union
b) create an airbase in Turkey to launch nuclear missiles
c) allow for the transportation of nuclear missiles
d) destroy missiles heading to the U.S.

Side Supply economics was part of
a) Reagan's Reaganomics
b) JFK's New Frontier
c) Lyndon Johnson's Great Society
d) Nixon's New Federalism

Gorbachev created the Glasnost policy to allow
a) destruction of nuclear missiles
b) the creation of the Environmental protection agency
c) more openness with the press
d) paying off the national debt

Dotcom companies deal with
a) nanobots
b) V-Chips
c) IPhones
d) high tech industries and the internet

A refugee is someone who
a) leaves their homeland by their own choice
b) escapes from their country due to war or persecution
c) is a guest worker in another country
d) is a migrant

An immigrant
a) is a migrant
b) escapes from their country due to war or persecution
c) leaves their homeland by their own choice
d) is a guest worker in another country

All of the following are effects of the global economy except
a) increased interdependence
b) the United States is becoming more isolated
c) jobs are being outsourced to countries where labor is cheaper
d) increase trade between countries

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