Image Editing 1 Final Review Question Preview (ID: 19662)

This The Final Exam For Image Editing.[print questions]

A __ is an individual dot of light.
a) pixel
b) dot
c) lasso
d) period

The ___ filter is used to fix len flaws.
a) lens correction
b) lens restoration
c) lens flaw
d) photo filter

Reducing exposure to lighten is called ___.
a) dodging
b) burning
c) zooming
d) editing

What is Ergonomics?
a) fitting the workplace to the working
b) changing your room around to fit yourself
c) falling in the workplace
d) personal characteristics

A __ is a malicious set of programs instruciton
a) computer virus
b) trojan horse
c) boom virus
d) storm virus

People skills are also called __.
a) soft skills
b) employabilities skills
c) work skills
d) social skills

Personal characteristic are __.
a) qualities
b) values
c) ethics
d) soft skills

Basic skills for getting, keeping and doing well on a job are called __.
a) employability skills
b) soft skills
c) qualities skills
d) work skills

The __ will increae the brush zise
a) right bracket
b) left bracket
c) B
d) plus button

The __ tool samples colors in order to set the background and foreground colors.
a) sample
b) eyedropper
c) dropper
d) pen

Scanners and printers use ___ per inch for image resolution.
a) pixel
b) period
c) dots
d) scale

The short cut key for the brush is the __.
a) V
b) C
c) B
d) M

_ allows you to focus on certain parts of a photo
a) proxy view area
b) zoom
c) pixel
d) red eye

The _format supports all Photoshop features
b) JPG
c) GIF
d) PSD

When you commit changes in edit mode, a new _ layer is added to the Layers palette.
a) type
b) document
c) property
d) value

Reducing exposure to lighten an isolated area on a print is called _.
a) curbing
b) dodging
c) burning
d) sponging

The _ tool repairs imperfections across larger areas but does not allow for brush size selection.
a) dissolve
b) healing brush
c) patch
d) burn

The _ command allows you to sharpen with the most precision.
a) unsharp mask
b) shapen
c) sharpen mask
d) midtone

Photoshop CS3 is a part of the __________.
a) Adobe Creative Suite
b) Adobe Photo Suite
c) Adobe Image Suite
d) Adobe Design Suite

__ is a process that changes the number of pixels.
a) Interpolation
b) Range
c) Pixel
d) Creative

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