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What was one of the great cities in Mesopotamia?
a) Egypt
b) Mesopotamia City
c) Babylon
d) Ziggurat

What description is true of Babylon?
a) Babylon was a very clean city with no trash anywhere!
b) All of the farmers planted their crops inside the city walls.
c) The Ziggurat, or temple, was outside the walls of the city
d) The city was dirty so the farmer has to plant crops outside the city.

What is one reason civilizations grew up in the fertile crescent?
a) It was easy to grow food there.
b) People liked all the attractions there.
c) The kings made people move there.
d) A lot of people thought it was a mystical place.

What helped Mesopotamia become so fertile (meaning it's easy to grow things)?
a) There are rivers that give the land water.
b) Two large rivers allow irrigation for farming.
c) There is a rainy season that helps water the soil.
d) All of the above.

What is the name of the ancient Babylonian king we studied?
a) Ziggurat
b) Pharoh
c) Tutenkamen
d) Hammurabi

What important contribution to the world did Hammurabi make?
a) He conquered a lot of land and nations.
b) He wrote the bible.
c) He had all the laws written down.
d) He taught the people how to farm.

What is Cuneiform?
a) An ancient nation.
b) The first written language.
c) A group on people living in Mesopotamia
d) The Babylonian temple

Why is cuneiform considered the first written language and not hieroglyphics?
a) Because cuneiform was created before hieroglyphics.
b) Because hieroglyphics were developed by an extinct people.
c) Because cuneiform and not hieroglyphics have symbols for word sounds.
d) Because cuneiform and not hieroglyphics were written on clay tablets.

What 'wonder of the world' is said to be a part of the ziggurat?
a) The king's palace.
b) The great pyramids.
c) The Rosetta's stone.
d) The hanging gardens.

The oldest discovered wheel was believed to be made by whom?
a) The Sumerians.
b) The Babylonians.
c) The Egyptians.
d) The Assyrians.

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