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Revolution that changed the way people worked, factories replace hand-made goods in the _____
a) industrial revoution
b) Era of Canals
c) technology revolution
d) modern era

Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote the __________________________ in an effort to gain women’s suffrage.
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Declaration of Rights and Grievacnes
c) Declaration of Sentiments
d) Olive Branch Petition

Attack in South Carolina that began the Civil War ___________
a) Fort Sumter
b) Lexington and Concord
c) Bull Run
d) Gonzalez

Known as the “Great Compromiser” for crafting the Compromise Tariff Act, American System, Missouri Compromise, and Compromise of 1850. __________
a) Patrick Henry
b) Henry Clay
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) Nathaniel Bedford Forrest

Which had the least factories, smaller populaton, and fewer miles of railroads prior to the Civil War? _________________
a) North
b) East
c) West
d) South

Marbury vs. Madison established the Supreme Court’s power of _____________
a) taxing authority
b) impeachment of the president
c) Judicial Review
d) regulatory oversight

The war known as the Second American Revolution is the _________________________
a) Civil War
b) War of 1812
c) Spanish-American War
d) Shay's Rebellion

_____________ is the sharing of power between national and state governments.
a) Federalism
b) Popular Soveriegnty
c) Limited Government
d) Separation of Powers

Slavery as a political issue, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Lincoln’s election, and the formation of the Confederacy led to the ___________________
a) Nullification Crisis
b) Civil War
c) American Revolution
d) Kansas-Nebraska Act

President Jackson's removal of Native Americans in the east to reservations west of the Mississippi River was called the ______________
a) Doctrine of Nullification
b) Dawes Act
c) Trail of Tears
d) Homestead Act

Amendment that defined citizenship and gave citizenship rights to former slaves. _______
a) 14th
b) 13th
c) 15th
d) 19th

Book by Harriet Beecher Stowe that showed the evils of slavery. ______________
a) Common Sense
b) The American Crisis
c) Uncle Tom's Cabin
d) The Evil of Slavery

The compromises of _____________________ were important becaue they kept the North and South from civil war until 1861.
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Henry Clay
c) Daniel Webster
d) John C. Calhoun

______ was a series of newspaper articles written to support ratification of the Constitution.
a) Ant-federalist Papers
b) Doctrine of Nullification
c) Declaration of Sentiments
d) Federalist Papers

California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, were acquired in 1848 in war, and were called the _________________
a) Texas Annexation
b) Great Plains
c) Mexican Cession
d) French Cession

Battle that gave the Union control of the Mississippi River _________________
a) Vicksburg
b) Gettysburg
c) Bull Run
d) New Orleans

_____ wrote Common Sense and The Crisis.
a) Thomas Paine
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Fredrick Douglass
d) Thomas Jefferson

Supporters of the Constitution were called ______
a) Anti-Federalists
b) Federalists
c) Nationalists
d) Communists

The 1st three words of the Preamble of the Constitution, 'We the people,' express the constitutional principle of . . .
a) federalism
b) checks and balances
c) limited government
d) popular soveriegnty

In 1787, the Articles of Confederation Congress created a way for making new states out of western territories when they passed the . . .
a) Northwest Ordinance
b) Olive Branch Petition
c) Alien and Sedition Acts
d) Land Ordinance

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