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No one wanted to build a fire but roasting marshmallows sounded really yummy.
a) roasting = verb
b) roasting = verbal
c) roasting = adverb
d) none of the above

I thought roasting corn would be a good idea, but it turned out to be a mistake.
a) roasting = verbal
b) roasting = verb
c) roating = adverb
d) none of the above

Jumping rope, she fell and twisted her ankle.
a) Jumping rope = verbal phrase
b) Jumping rope = independent clause
c) Jumping rope = concluding clause
d) none of the above

Jumping rope is awesome exercise.
a) jumping = verbal
b) jumping = verb
c) jumping = adverb
d) none of the above

The crying baby had an ear infection.
a) crying = verb
b) crying = verbal
c) crying = adverb
d) none of the above

The log was smoking even after the fire was put out.
a) smoking = verb
b) smoking = verbal
c) smoking = adjective
d) none of the above

The Jews who were hiding were not always safe from Hitler.
a) hiding = verb
b) hiding = verbal
c) hiding = noun
d) none of the above

Escaping from a concentration camp was nearly impossible.
a) escaping = verb
b) escaping = verbal
c) escaping = adverb
d) none of the above

The concentration camps were killing centers.
a) killing = verb
b) killing = verbal
c) killing = adverb
d) none of the above

Bruno was walking to the camp when he lost the sub sandwich.
a) Walking = verb
b) walking = verbal
c) walking = adverb
d) none of the above

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