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Literary Terms.[print questions]

A struggle within a character's heart or mind-
a) External Conflict
b) Internal Conflict
c) Mood
d) Point Of View

The main or underlying idea
a) Plot
b) Dialogue
c) Tone
d) Theme

The narrator speaks directly to the audience
a) Limited-third person point of view
b) Omniscient point of view
c) Second-person point of view
d) Characterization

A comparison using like or as
a) Simile
b) Tone
c) Metaphor
d) Style

The result of the climax
a) Resolution
b) Allusion
c) Oxymoron
d) Falling Action

Talking to an animal, object, or absent/dead person as if they could hear, understand or respond
a) Narrative
b) Apostrophe
c) Alliteration
d) Style

A lengthy fictional work
a) Narrative
b) Novel
c) Paradox
d) Poem

Word or phrase that appeals to one or more of the five senses
a) Irony
b) Dialect
c) Allusion
d) Imagery

A wicked character who opposes the hero
a) Villain
b) Antagonist
c) Protagonist
d) Suspence

To repeat a word, line, phrase, or entire stanza to emphasize something important
a) Paradox
b) Allusion
c) Irony
d) Refrain

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