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Which of these would have the least effect on natural selection in a subspecies of giraffes that is geographically isolated from other subspecies of giraffe
a) available niches
b) existing predators
c) chromosome number
d) available food resources

A small population of chimpanzees lives in a habitat that undergoes no changes for a long period. How will genetic drift probably affect this population?
a) It will accelerate the appearance of new traits
b) It will promote the survival of chimpanzees with beneficial traits
c) It will increase the number of alleles for specific traits.
d) It will reduce genetic diversity.

Which of these best illustrates natural selection?
a) An organism with favorable genetic variations will tend to survive and breed successfully.
b) A population monopolizes all of the resources in its habitat, forcing other species to migrate.
c) A community whose members work together utilizes all existing resources and migratory routes.
d) The largest organisms in a species receive the only breeding opportunities.

A species of finch has been studied on one of the geographically isolated Galapagos Islands for many years. Since the island is small, the lineage of every bird for several generations is known. This allows a family tree of each bird to be developed.
a) interbred with other species.
b) inherited some advantageous variations.
c) found new places on the island to live.
d) been attacked by more predators.

Earth has undergone some catastrophic changes from time to time. Which of these most likely explains why life on Earth continued following these catastrophes?
a) Dominant species had a slow mutation rate.
b) Many species filled the same niche.
c) A strong species had many different characteristics
d) A wide diversity of species existed.

A small portion of a population that is geographically isolated from the rest of the population runs the risk of decreased
a) genetic drift.
b) mutation rate.
c) natural selection
d) genetic variation

A single species of squirrel evolved over time into two species, each on opposite sides of the Grand Canyon. This change was most likely due to
a) higher mutation rates on one side
b) low genetic diversity in the initial population
c) the isolation of the two groups
d) differences in reproductive rates

Fossil evidence suggests that a number of members of one fish species from an ancient lake in Death Valley, California, became several isolated species. Each of these new species lived in a different pond. Which of the following best explains the cau
a) episodic isolation
b) temporal isolation
c) geographic isolation
d) behavioral isolation

If a paleontologist finds fossils of many different species existing in the same area at approximately the same time, the paleontologist can conclude that the ecosystem in this area had a high degree of
a) climatic variation
b) episodic speciation.
c) biological diversity.
d) geographic isolation.

The scientist who published the booh Origin of Species and proposed the theory of natural selection was
a) Gregor Mendel
b) Charles Darwin
c) Rosalind Franklin
d) Watson and Crick

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