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What is the mole ratio of HCl to NaCl in the following reaction: Na2CO3(aq)+ 2HCl(aq) ®2NaCl(aq)+ H2CO3(aq)
a) 1:1
b) 2:1
c) 1:2
d) 2:2

How do you convert # particles to moles?
a) divide by molar mass
b) divide by 22.4
c) divide by avogadros #
d) multiply by avogadros #

What is the molecular weight of sugar? C12H22O11
a) 342.2 g/mol
b) 362.2g/mol
c) 29.013g/mol
d) 312.8g/mol

How many grams in 5.00mol CaCl2?
a) 526.7g CaCl2
b) 554.9g CaCl2
c) 0.045g CaCl2
d) 1.078g CaCl2

How many moles of Carbon in 3.4g
a) 0.542 mol
b) 40.84 mol
c) 12.011 mol
d) 0.283 mol

What is the molecular mass for NH4?
a) 18.0383
b) 12.011
c) 22.9087
d) 60.0408

How many atoms of Hydrogen are in the following compound: C6H5NH2
a) 5
b) 2
c) 7
d) 10

What is the molecular mass for Carbon
a) 12.0111
b) 15.994
c) 1.0079
d) 22.9494

Burning anything is what type of reaction?
a) decomposition
b) combustion
c) single displacement
d) acid base

What type of reaction is the following: H2SO3(aq) -- H2O(l) + SO2(g)
a) acid base
b) single displacement
c) decomposition
d) combustion

What is the molecular mass of nickel
a) 58.69 g
b) 58.69 g/mol
c) 58.69 mol
d) 58.69 L

How many litres will one mole of gas at STP take up?
a) 6.02x1023
b) avogadro's number
c) 22.4L
d) Molecular mass

Find the molecular weight of Manganese dioxide
a) 86.927g/mol
b) 125.87g/mol
c) 70.932g/mol
d) 112.896g/mol

Which type of reaction gives water and a salt as products always.
a) Combustion
b) Synthesis
c) Double displacement
d) Acid base

What day is Mole Day?
a) December 23
b) October 23
c) June 3rd
d) February 13

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