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Revision Test One.[print questions]

---- is the heart of the computer and this is where all the computing is done.
a) Keyboard
b) Central Processing Unit
c) Monitor
d) Smartphone

Which of the following has the ability to store more data?
a) CD Rom
b) USB
c) External Hard Drive
d) Cloud storage

All of the following are examples of input devices EXCEPT a:
a) Scanner
b) Printer
c) Mouse
d) Keyboard

Choose the smallest memory size.
a) kilobyte
b) megabyte
c) gigabyte
d) terabyte

The set of instructions that tells the computer what to do is?
a) Softcopy
b) Hardcopy
c) Software
d) Hardware

What is e-commerce?
a) Buying and selling computer products
b) Buying and selling products and services not found in stores
c) Buying and selling products and services over the Internet
d) Buying and selling international goods

Computers use the ____________ language to process data.
a) Binary
b) Processing
c) Relational
d) French

What are the four things needed to connect to the Internet?
a) Monitor, keyboard, mouse, modem
b) Telephone line, PDA, answering machine and computer
c) Telephone line, modem, computer, and an ISP
d) Modem, computer, microphone and ISP

In the binary language each letter of the alphabet, each number and each special character is made up of a unique combination of:
a) 8 Bytes
b) 8 Kilobytes
c) 8 Characters
d) 8 Bits

The difference between people with access to computers and the Internet and those without this access is known as the:
a) Digital divide
b) Internet divide
c) Web divide
d) Cyberway divide

Which of the following is NOT a computer operating system?
a) Windows 8
b) Mac OS
c) Linux
d) Conductive

Which of the following are computers?
a) Smartphone
b) Tablet
c) Laptop
d) All of the above

What hardware is required if you want to make video calls?
a) Data Projector
b) Scanner
c) Webcam
d) Non of the above

When customising your mouse, which of the following is not possible?
a) Reduce the speed needed when double clicking.
b) Switch the left and right buttons.
c) Change the appearance of the mouse pointer.
d) Turn a wired mouse into a wireless one.

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