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Presidencies Of Nixon Ford And Carter.[print questions]

Which action did President Gerald Ford take in an attempt to end the national controversy over the Watergate affair?
a) pardoning Richard Nixon
b) declaring a war on poverty
c) declining to run for reelection
d) asking Congress to impeach Richard Nixon

What was a major result of the Watergate controversy?
a) Presidential veto power was expanded.
b) The president resigned from office.
c) Congressional power was reduced.
d) The Supreme Court was weakened.

Which action was a major foreign policy achievement of President Jimmy Carter?
a) settling the Suez crisis
b) withdrawing the United States from the Vietnam War
c) establishing improved relations with Iran
d) agreeing to return the Panama Canal Zone to Panama

What was a lasting effect of the Watergate scandal under President Richard Nixon?
a) The system of checks and balances was weakened.
b) The scope of executive privilege was broadened.
c) Trust in elected officials was undermined.
d) Presidential responsiveness to public opinion was lessened.

In the Camp David Accords (1978), President Jimmy Carter succeeded in
a) returning the Panama Canal Zone to Panama
b) suspending grain sales to the Soviet Union and China
c) providing a foundation for a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel
d) freeing hostages being held in Iran

The Camp David Accords negotiated by President Jimmy Carter were important because they
a) reduced tensions in the Middle East
b) renewed diplomatic relations between the United States and China
c) slowed the pace of the nuclear arms race
d) provided for cooperation with the Soviet Union in the exploration of outer space

The most direct result of the Watergate scandal was the
a) assassination of President John F. Kennedy
b) decision of President Lyndon Johnson not to seek reelection
c) resignation of President Richard Nixon
d) election of President Ronald Reagan

The Watergate scandal led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation because he had
a) knowingly approved illegal acts
b) seriously weakened the nation’s military strength
c) favored improving relations with Communist China
d) caused the oil crisis of 1973–1974

Which of the following was one of Jimmy Carter's reactions to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?
a) Moving the United States to DefCon 2
b) Boycotting the Moscow Olympics
c) Increasing arms production
d) Declining to run for reelection

Which of the following was a major foreign policy crisis faced by President Jimmy Carter?
a) Iran hostage crisis
b) Persian Gulf War
c) Terrorist attacks in Lebanon
d) Cuban Missile Crisis

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