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Two students were testing the amount of fertilizer that would best promote the growth of strawberries in a garden. Which of the following could be an unavoidable source of experimental error?
a) length of the study
b) variation in the strawberry plants
c) the cost of watering the plants
d) fertilization during the study

In most stable freshwater environments, populations of Daphnia are almost entirely female and reproduce asexually. However, males are observed in low oxygen environments or when food is scarce. Based on these observations, a researcher suggests that
a) result.
b) theory.
c) procedure
d) hypothesis.

A computer model of cellular mitosis can simulate the aspects of cellular division quite well. However, microscopic observation of actual cellular mitosis can improve understanding because actual observations
a) may reveal greater unknown complexities.
b) are easier than a computer model to view.
c) are the same each time.
d) may provide division events in sequence.

Which of the following best describes the use of population models in biology?
a) They are generally easy to construct
b) They can represent reality precisely
c) They are used when no observations have been made.
d) They can help predict outcomes.

A prediction was made that the best conditions for earthworm growth occur when there are fewer than five earthworms per cubic meter of soil. This prediction is called a
a) law.
b) theory.
c) hypothesis.
d) conclusion.

A mineral supplement designed to prevent the common cold was given to two groups of people during a scientific study. Group 1 was given 50 mg a day of the mineral. Group 2 was given 100 mg a day of the mineral. After eight weeks, neither group report
a) Test only one group with 150 mg of the supplement.
b) Give the supplement to both groups for only 6 weeks.
c) Create a third group that receives 75 mg of the supplement.
d) Create a third group that does not receive the supplement.

Students hypothesized that their normal pulse rates would double after doing 50 sit-ups. After completing three trials, four students averaged their individual pulse rates and recorded their results. Student 1 had an average pulse rate of 120 beats p
a) the exercise was not strenuous enough to affect the pulse rates.
b) control data of normal pulse rates for each individual are missing.
c) the variability in pulse rates among the students is too great.
d) not enough trials were conducted to be able to draw a conclusion.

The jackrabbit population sometimes decreases dramatically. One possible explanation for this decrease is that the coyote population has increased. This explanation is a scientific
a) conclusion.
b) experiment.
c) hypothesis.
d) law.

Which of the following is not part of the scientific method?
a) hypothesis
b) data analysis
c) conclusion
d) graphing

What is the difference between a scientific observation and a scientific theory?
a) A scientific observation includes data analysis; a scientific theory does not
b) A scientific observation takes only a few minutes; a scientifc theory takes many years to develop
c) A scientific theory is a hypothesis that has been tested and confirmed many times by different scientists; an observation is
d) A scientific theory is always true; a scientific observation is not always true

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