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The Beat Movement emphasized....
a) conformity.
b) non-conformity.
c) moving to the suburbs.
d) getting married and having children.

When companies make products that will become obsolete it is called
a) Frachise
b) Consurmerism.
c) Planned Obsolescence.
d) Agglomeration

The US foreign policy of containment states that the US will stop
a) financial aid to West Berlin.
b) South Korea from taking over North Korea.
c) Hitler from successfully winning WWII
d) the spread of communism.

McCarthyism is when
a) The United States gave aide to South Vietnam and South Korea.
b) you label someone's activities as communist without any support.
c) the United States invades Cuba to try and overthrow Castro.
d) the U.S. sends financial aid to stop the spread of communism.

At the end of the Korean Conflict
a) China took control of North Korea.
b) North Korea took over South Korea.
c) South Korea took over North Korea.
d) Korea remains divided at the 38th parallel.

The United States joined this definisve alliance after WWII?
c) the Warsaw Pact

Brinkmanship is
a) stopping the spread of communism.
b) threatening mass retaliation to try and avoid war.
c) focusing on non-nuclear missiles.
d) the hotline established between the Soviet Union and the United States.

Most Americans in the 1950's were moving to
a) the suburbs.
b) the inner city
c) Europe
d) China

The hostile conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union is called
a) Containment.
b) the Cold War.
c) North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
d) Brinkmanship.

Joseph McCarthy was
a) the man who helped end WWII.
b) the main general during the Korean Conflict.
c) a senator who accused others of being communist.
d) a famous actor from the 1950's.

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