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Roanoke Island was established ___.
a) as an economic venture.
b) by people seeking religious freedom
c) by French fur trappers
d) in Cactus Hill

___ was the first permanent English settlement.
a) Roanoke Island
b) Jamestown
c) Plymouth
d) Massachusetts Bay

___ was settled by separatists from the Church of England.
a) Plymouth
b) Massachusetts Bay
c) Pennsylvania
d) St. Augustine

____ was settled by Puritans to avoid religious persecution
a) Massachusetts Bay
b) Plymouth
c) Pennsylvania
d) Georgia

___ was settled by the Quakers, who wanted freedom to practice their faith without interference.
a) Plymouth
b) Pennsylvania
c) Massachusetts Bay
d) Quakerville

___ was settled by people who had been in debtors’ prisons in England.
a) Jamestown
b) Roanoke Island
c) Pennsylvania
d) Georgia

Georgia was settled by people who hoped to experience ___ and start a new life in the New World.
a) economic freedom
b) religious tolerance
c) new adventures
d) new religions

Why did the Pilgrims leave to start a new colony in North America?
a) to grow rich off of gold rumored to be found there
b) to start a new lumber trading business
c) to avoid religious persecution
d) to establish the Catholic faith in the New World

___ was an economic venture by the Virginia Company.
a) Roanoke Island
b) Plymouth
c) Georgia
d) Jamestown

___ is also known as the Lost Colony because no survivors were found.
a) Jamestown
b) Cactus Hill
c) Roanoke Island
d) Plymouth

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