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One way the Incas adapted their environment was by
a) building a network of roads through the mountains
b) growing rice as a major agricultural product
c) establishing an encomienda system
d) creating floating gardens

A major agricultural advancement of the Incas was the
a) domestication of cattle
b) use of the steel plow
c) terracing of mountains for farming
d) development of floating gardens

One way in which the Aztec and Inca civilizations are similar is that they both
a) defeated the Spanish conquistadors
b) developed advanced architectural techniques
c) lacked strong central governments
d) settled primarily in river valleys

Which factor most influenced the development of diverse cultures in pre-Columbian South America?
a) trade agreements
b) geographic features
c) imported religious ideas
d) peasant revolts

Which geographic feature had the greatest influence on the development of the Inca Empire?
a) deserts
b) irregular coastline
c) river valleys
d) mountains

What was one reason the Spanish conquistadors were able to conquer the Aztec Empire?
a) The Spanish soldiers made effective use of their military technology against the Aztecs.
b) Aztec religious beliefs promoted nonviolence
c) Spain joined the Incas in their fight against the Aztecs.
d) The Spanish cavalry outnumbered the Aztec warriors.

Which statement best describes a result of the encounter between Europeans and native populations of Latin America?
a) Native societies experienced rapid population growth
b) European nations lost power and prestige in the New World.
c) Large numbers of natives migrated to Europe for a better life.
d) Plantations in the New World used enslaved Africans to replace native populations.

Which statement best describes Aztec civilization at the time of the Encounter?
a) Small groups of nomadic clans competed for food.
b) Various ethnic groups had representation in a legislative body.
c) Absence of a social class structure created unsettled living conditions.
d) Advanced agricultural practices supported large urban centers.

The social class system in Latin America during the 16th and 17th centuries reflects the
a) dominance of Spanish-born nobility
b) emerging equality between classes
c) influence of mestizo economic power
d) increasing social mobility of Native American Indians

A direct result of the conquest of Tenochtitlán by Hernán Cortés in 1521 was the
a) expulsion of Jews and Muslims from Spain
b) establishment of Portuguese trade routes around Africa
c) fall of the Aztec Empire
d) conquest of the Kush Kingdom

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