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In his book The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli advises that a wise ruler is one who
a) keeps taxes and food prices low
b) encourages education and the arts
c) allows advisors to speak their minds
d) does what is necessary to stay in power

What is meant by Machiavelli’s belief that “the end justifies the means”?
a) Leaders may use any method to achieve what is best for the state.
b) The general public always acts in its own best interest.
c) Pleasing all of the people at any given time is possible.
d) ) Leaders must always act for the common good.

Which factor best characterizes the art of both ancient Greece and the Renaissance?
a) emphasis on the human form
b) focus on biblical themes
c) dominance of landscape paintings
d) influence of the West African tradition

Which statement best expresses an idea held by many Renaissance humanist philosophers?
a) People should study worldly subjects as well as sacred matters.
b) Governments should establish overseas empires.
c) Individuals should withdraw from the world and study religion.
d) Scholars should dedicate themselves to the study of life after death.

What was one ideal of Renaissance humanism?
a) training as a knight and practicing chivalry
b) obeying divine right monarchs and the church
c) living apart from the world and taking monastic vows
d) investigating areas of interest and fulfilling one’s potential

The revival of Greek and Roman culture, the economic growth of Italian city-states in the 1400s, and the development of humanism were aspects of the
a) Age of Revolutions
b) Protestant Reformation
c) spread of Islam
d) European Renaissance

The Renaissance in western Europe is best described as a period marked by
a) unquestioned reliance on the teachings of Aristotle
b) an advance of Muslim culture
c) Christian unity throughout the region
d) great intellectual and artistic creativity

Venice in Europe, Mogadishu in Africa, and Canton in China emerged during the 13th century primarily as important centers of
a) agriculture
b) trade
c) manufacturing
d) mining

Which factor contributed to the beginning of the Renaissance in Italian cities?
a) occupation by foreign powers
b) interaction with Latin America
c) surplus of porcelain from Japan
d) access to important trade routes

One major characteristic of the Renaissance period is that the
a) ) Catholic Church no longer had any influence in Europe
b) manor became the center of economic activity
c) classical cultures of Greece and Rome were revived and imitated
d) major language of the people became Latin

Which geographic factor contributed to the rise of the Renaissance in Italian city-states?
a) mountainous terrain of the Alps
b) location near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea
c) navigable waters of the Danube River
d) ease of travel on the Northern European Plain

During the Renaissance, humanist philosophers emphasized the importance of
a) individualism
b) absolutism
c) religious salvation
d) technological advancements

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