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What causes a woman to have her period?
a) Nobody knows
b) The endometrium leaves the body because it does not need to help protect the growing embryo in the uterus
c) Stress
d) Not getting enough sleep

What happens if a girl becomes pregnant?
a) The egg will attach to the lining of her uterus
b) Her period will stop coming because the endometrium does not need to leave the body
c) She will feel the baby kicking right away
d) Two of the above answers are correct

What is the lining of the uterus called?
a) Mitosis
b) The cervix
c) The endometrium

Why does the endometrium thicken during the menstrual cycle?
a) It doesn't thicken
b) It does it to make it difficult for the egg to move
c) It thickens to prepare for protecting and nourishing a baby in case the woman becomes pregnant
d) Nobody knows why it thickens

The cycle during which an egg leaves the ovaries, travels to the uterus and then exis the body is called:
a) The menstrual cycle
b) Puberty

Where are the eggs stored in a female's body?
a) In her uterus
b) In her ovaries
c) In her brain
d) In her fallopian tubes

What is the name of the tube through which an egg travels when it leaves the ovaries?
a) The vagina
b) The uterus
c) The cervix
d) The fallopian tubes

Do the male and female reproductive systems work the same way?
a) No
b) Yes

What is the female reproductive cell called?
a) The sperm
b) The ovaries
c) The egg/ovum
d) The uterus

Do all girls start having their periods at the same age?
a) Yes, around 10 years old
b) Yes, around 13 years old
c) No, it is different for everyone
d) Many girls do not ever have a period at all

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