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What are the levels of government?
a) executive, judicial, legislative
b) mayor, governor, president
c) local, national, federal
d) local, state, national/federal

Who is the highest elected official of a city government?
a) mayor
b) principal
c) president
d) governor

Ms. Tafoya was driving irresponsibly through a school zone and gets pulled over. Officer Briones gives her a speeding ticket. Why is Officer Briones doing this to Ms. Tafoya?
a) Ms. Tafoya owed him money for a bet she lost
b) Officer Briones is enacting the law to keep citizens safe
c) Officer Briones is interpreting the law to keep citizens safe
d) Officer Briones is enforcing the law to keep citizens safe

The Kentucky Supreme Court is part of which level of government?
a) local
b) national
c) state
d) Covington

The U.S. Postal Service is provided for citizens of every community by which level of government?
a) Federal
b) State
c) Local
d) Latonia, because that is where the building is located

Which is an example of a State government body?
a) Louisville Metro Council
b) Kentucky General Assembly
c) United States Congress
d) Augusta City Council

Which of the following bodies decides if someone breaks a law at the local level?
a) Boone County Court
b) Kentucky Supreme Court
c) U.S. Supreme Court
d) Boone County Sherriff

Governor Stickrod works at which level of government?
a) county
b) city
c) national
d) state

Remember Officer Briones from Question 3? Which level of government does he work for since he is a police officer?
a) state
b) city
c) county
d) national

Judge Gulley only handles cases brought to her at the federal level and once she and her panel make a decision, it is final and cannot be overturned. She must be a:
a) Federal Supreme Court Judge
b) Kentucky State Supreme Court Judge
c) Campbell County Court Judge
d) Covington Court Judge

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