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If someone is sexually active, what can they do to protect themselves against pregnancy?
a) Cross their fingers it doesn't happen
b) Use a condom (and make sure they are using it correctly)
c) Use contraception such as the birth control pill
d) Two of these answers are correct

After fertilization occurs, what does the egg do?
a) Exit the body
b) Travel out of the uterus and in to the mother's stomach
c) Go back to the ovaries
d) Embed itself in to the wall of the uterus (endometrium)

When a sperm fertilizes an egg, their combined chromosomes add up to:
a) 46
b) 23
c) 45
d) 50

One of the earliest signs that a woman is pregnant is:
a) The baby begins kicking right away
b) Her period stops coming
c) She will have contractions
d) She will notice her stomach growing

The gender of the baby will be determined by:
a) The egg's chromosomes
b) The time of day the baby was conceived
c) The sperm's chromosomes
d) Luck

What connects the placenta to the mother's body?
a) Nothing
b) The amniotic fluid
c) The baby
d) The umbilical cord

What is the placenta?
a) An organ that nourishes the fetus during its development and eliminates waste from its body
b) The same thing as amniotic fluid

What is the name of the protective fluid that surrounds a fetus during its development?
a) Water
b) Placenta
c) Amniotic fluid
d) Mucus

What purpose do contractions serve?
a) They don't have a purpose
b) Nobody knows what their purpose is
c) They wake the baby up
d) They help push the baby out of the mother's body

What is the name for the the sudden tightening of the muscles in the uterus that occur shortly before a baby is born?
a) Spasms
b) Contractions
c) Contraptions
d) Convulsions

A fetus is:
a) An unborn human baby 8 weeks after it is conceived
b) Not a real word
c) What we call an unborn baby 12 weeks after it is conceived
d) Another word for pregnancy

The female reproductive cell is called:
a) Mitosis
b) Egg/Ovum
c) Sperm
d) Embyro

An embyro is:
a) What a baby is called right before it is born
b) A dance move from the 80s
c) A group of cells in the earliest stage of human development
d) An embryo is not a real word

The male reproductive cell is called:
a) Sperm
b) Egg/Ovum
c) Mitosis
d) Embryo

A typical human pregnancy is made up of ___ trimesters:
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

The only way to become pregnant is to have sex
a) True
b) False - you have to want to get pregnant for it to happen
c) False - some people get pregnant by accident even if they don't have sex
d) False - artificial insemination and other medical procedures can make a woman pregnant

Is there any type of birth control (contraception) that is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy?
a) Yes
b) No - abstinence (not having sex) is the only sure way to not get pregnant

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