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How many types of cell reproduction are there?
a) a.3
b) b.2
c) c.10
d) d.5

Which part of the cell keeps nutrients in and waste out?
a) a. cell membrane
b) b. endoplasmic reticulum
c) c. cytoplasm
d) d. mitochondria

Which part of the cell stores water and other fluids for plant cells?
a) a.vacuoles
b) b.cytoplasm
c) c.cell wall
d) d.nucleus

What was Schwann's job?
a) a.engineer
b) b.zoologist
c) c.microscope maker
d) d.botanist

Who was the German botanist that said all plants are made out of cells?
a) a.Schwann
b) b.Virchow
c) c.Schleiden
d) d.Nguyen

what is the difference between a prokaryotic cell and a eukaryotic cell?
a) a.prokaryotic is bacteria
b) b.eukaryotic are plants and animals
c) c.prokaryotics do not have a nucleus
d) d.all of the above

what is the heredity of a cell?
a) a.the nucleus
b) b.the water cycle
c) c.RNA
d) d.DNA

who named the cell?
a) a.Virchow
b) b.Hooke
c) c.Leeuwenhoek
d) d.Schwann

When did Leeuwenhoek first see living cells?
a) a.1564
b) b.1785
c) c.1675
d) d.1450

What is the head of the cell?
a) a.nucleus
b) b.organelle
c) c.giraffe
d) d.cytoplasm

What is the basic unit of life?
a) a.cells
b) b.organs
c) c.choroplasts
d) d.photosynthesis

Which fact is not from the cell theory?
a) a.All living things are made of cells
b) b.cells are the basic units of structure and function in an organism
c) c.cells come from existing cells
d) d.a wooden chair is made out of a pine tree

What part of the cell breaks down the food into energy?
a) a.cytoplasm
b) b.mitochondria
c) c.nucleus
d) d.endoplasmic reticulum

which part(s) are only in plant cells?
a) a.cell wall
b) b.cell membrane
c) c.chloroplast
d) d.a and c

cells comes from the latin word cella which means __________
a) a.store
b) b.laptop
c) c.house
d) d.room

Leeuwenhoek was the first to see
a) a. bacteria
b) b. chloroplast
c) c. cells
d) d. none of the above

ATP is produced by ____
a) a.flower
b) b.endoplasmic reticulum
c) c.chloroplast
d) d.mitochondria

If a cell has a nucleus but no cell wall then what type of cell is it?
a) a. animal cell
b) b. mitochondria
c) c.eukaryotic
d) d.prokaryotic

Bacteria is what type of cell?
a) a.eukaryotic
b) b.prokaryotic
c) c.none of the above
d) d.a and b

cells,___, organ (what do cells make up?)
a) a.organism
b) b.bomes
c) c. community
d) d. tissue

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