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Which of these is best described as a pandemic?
a) a. A student catches flu from her younger brother
b) b. Three members of a soccer team come down with the flu
c) c. Dozens of people in two neighboring towns have flu at the same time
d) d. Tens of millions of people worldwide are infected with flu in the same year

Which kind of organisms are disease-causing yeasts and molds?
a) a. Bacteria
b) b. Fungi
c) c. Parasites
d) d. Viruses

Which is the best way to treat athlete’s foot?
a) a. Antibiotic
b) b. Vaccine
c) c. Fungus-killing medicine
d) d. Antiviral medicine

How do viruses differ from other disease-causing organisms?
a) a. Viruses can be treated with antibiotics
b) b. Viruses are transmitted through coughing or sneezing
c) c. Viruses are not made up cells
d) d. Viruses multiply inside infected cells

Which is most likely to be a risk of biotechnology?
a) a. Producing livestock desired characteristics
b) b. Causing allergic reactions to foreign genes in food
c) c. Creating new varieties of disease-resistance plants
d) d. Manufacturing human insulin and other medicines

Which of these describes a pandemic rather than an epidemic?
a) a. Many people in an area become sick from a disease
b) b. Public health scientists monitor and try to stop the spread of a disease
c) c. The origin of a disease remains a mystery
d) d. A disease spreads internationally over the course of a year

Amebic dysentery is a disease caused by organisms that live in dirty water. Which is most likely to prevent an epidemic of amebic dysentery?
a) a. Vaccination of the population
b) b. Purification of drinking water
c) c. Public education on the importance of washing hands
d) d. Restriction on travel to places with amebic dysentery

How is Lyme disease transmitted from an infected mouse to a human?
a) a. A tick that feeds on the mouse then bites the human
b) b. The human breathes in dust containing dried urine from the mouse
c) c. The infected mouse bites the human
d) d. The human cleans the litter box of a pet cat that ate the mouse

Why are people encouraged to get a flu shot?
a) a. A flu shot is a vaccine that prevents people from catching the flu
b) b. A flu shot is an antibiotic that kills bacteria in the human body
c) c. A flu shot is an antiviral that slows down the multiplication of viruses in cells
d) d. A flu shot is a chemical that kills parasites in the human body

Which describes a risk of biotechnology?
a) a. Bacteria can be used to make insulin and other human chemical less expensively
b) b. DNA fingerprinting can prove that an accused person did not commit the crime
c) c. Health insurance companies may refuse to insure people who have genes for diseases
d) d. Human gene mapping can lead to treatment or prevention of disease

Which is an example of biotechnology?
a) a. Developing hydropower energy sources
b) b. Studying how viruses cause diseases
c) c. Developing crop plants that are resistant to weed killers
d) d. Using bioindicators to monitor water quality

Epidemics of polio and measles used to be common in the United States. Now they are rare. What is the best explanation for this?
a) a. Careful use of antibiotics
b) b. Insecticides that kill transmitting pests
c) c. Widespread vaccination
d) d. Water monitoring and treatment

Which of these can reproduce only when inside a host cell?
a) Bacterium
b) Virus
c) Fungus
d) Parasite

Which diseases are most likely to be treated with antibiotics?
a) Those caused by viruses
b) Those caused by fungi
c) Those caused by parasites
d) Those caused by bacteria

Studying biotechnology is most likely to be useful for which career?
a) a. Computer scientist
b) b. Nuclear physicist
c) c. Agricultural researcher
d) d. Archaeologist

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