USI.4b Cultural Interactions Between Europeans And Native Americans Question Preview (ID: 19610)

Cultural Interactions Between Europeans And Native Americans.[print questions]

All of the following describe interactions between the Spanish and the Native Americans EXCEPT:
a) Conquered and enslaved Indians
b) brough Christianity to the New World
c) Learned farming techniques
d) Brought European diseases

The ___ spread the Christian relgion and established trading posts with the Natives.
a) French
b) Spanish
c) English
d) Portuguese

Which of the following is NOT an example of the way the English interacted with the Natives?
a) established settlements and claimed ownership of land
b) brought European diseases to American Indians
c) learned farming techniques from American Indians
d) traded with American Indians

What did the French and Spanish both bring to the Natives?
a) The Christian religion
b) disases
c) gold
d) salt

American Indians believed ___.
a) that Europeans were harmless visitors
b) that land could be sold to the Europeans for the right price
c) that trade was the only way to interact with Europeans
d) that land was to be used and shared but not owned

American Indians ___.
a) learned to farm from Europeans
b) did not need to trade with Europeans
c) taught farming techniques to European settlers
d) were immune to European disease

Which of the following was not an area of cooperation between Europeans and Native Americans?
a) culture
b) trade
c) crops
d) new technology (metal tools and weapons)

The French and English both ___.
a) enslaved Native Americans
b) traded with the Native Americans
c) learned farming techniques from the Native Americans
d) spread the Christian religion to the Native Americans

Which of the following is not an area of conflict between the Natives and European explorers?
a) tools
b) competition for trade
c) disease
d) land

Differences in culture and language were ___.
a) areas of conflict between Native Americans and Europeans
b) easily overcome
c) areas of cooperation between Natives and Europeans
d) reasons for Euro-Indian wars.

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