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Which of the following items is a rights AND a responsibility of citizens?
a) paying taxes
b) picking up litter
c) voting in elections
d) bearing arms

Which of these is the MAIN reason civic particpation is necessary in order to preserve our democracy?
a) to protect citizens' rights and limit powers of the government
b) to limit the President's power within the branches
c) it is a way for citizens to have more power than the National government
d) because of checks and balances

What is the MAIN reason the Articles of Confederation were unsuccessful in governing newly formed United States?
a) it gave all the governing power to local governments
b) the weak central government gave individual states too much power
c) states weren't communicating with each other to resolve conflicts properly
d) the National government became too powerful

Building and establishing post offices is a power of the National Government according to which governing document?
a) Mayflower Compact
b) Bill of Rights
c) Declaration of Independence
d) U.S. Constitution

Katlin became so upset studying stories of slavery during the Civil War that she decided to write a feature article about it and have it published in the school newspaper. Which freedom is she using?
a) freedom of the press
b) freedom of writing and publishing
c) freedom of assembly
d) freedom of speech

Some students of Latonia Terrace want to improve the niehgborhood park by building a skate park and new equipment. They think this will help decrease kids getting into trouble by giving them something fun to do. Who should they go to?
a) the governor of Kentucky
b) federal officials
c) the mayor of Covington
d) the local courthouse to share their idea before a judge

Which item below is the BEST example of how kids can actively participate in their government?
a) picking up litter from the street
b) volunteering to walk dogs
c) talking to adults about the importance of voting
d) paying taxes

Which item below is the BEST example of how kids can get actively involved in their community?
a) voting in elections
b) bearing arms
c) volunteering or donating to charities
d) paying taxes

Speed limits, seatbelt laws, public smoking bans. These are all examples of:
a) laws passed to promote the common good of citizens
b) the citizens having too much power over the government
c) the government having too much power over citizens
d) laws that make driving stressful because of the increase in traffic jams

Which of the following was the MAIN idea surrounding the writing of the U.S. Constitution?
a) the people should serve their government
b) the people should hold the majority of the power
c) the government should serve itself
d) the government should serve its people

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