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Which of the following would be caused by a low pressure system?
a) cooler temperatures
b) warmer temperatures
c) cloudy skies
d) clear skies

A high pressure system will be moving into the area. Which weather condition is associated with a high pressure system?
a) hot
b) cold
c) snowy
d) sunny

Why does the coast have mild weather conditions during the winter?
a) La Nina
b) El Nino
c) the jet stream
d) the gulf stream

What type of cloud usually brings heavy rain, thunder, and lightning and could produce hail?
a) stratus
b) cumulus
c) cirrus
d) cumulonimbus

Which global wind pattern is responsible for moving weather systems across the United States?
a) polar easterlies
b) prevailing westerlies
c) tradewinds
d) doldrums

Which of the following describes the jet stream?
a) It creates a boundary between warm and cold air masses.
b) It moves air masses across the US from west to east.
c) It brings warm ocean water from near the equator to the coast of the US.
d) It causes hurricanes to form.

What type of weather is associated with a warm front?
a) thunderstorms
b) cloudy, rainy weather
c) clear, cold weather
d) cloudy, warm weather

Which of the following describes an unusual warming of water in the Pacific Ocean, often causing flooding in some areas and severe drought in other areas?
a) La Nina
b) El Nino
c) jet stream
d) gulf stream

What season would it be in the southern hemisphere if it was winter in the northern hemisphere?
a) spring
b) summer
c) fall
d) winter

What type of weather would be predicted if the air pressure was dropping, the temperatures were dropping, and the humidity was very high?
a) hurricane
b) tornado
c) blizzard
d) rain storm

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