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A ____ resource is one that can be found directly from nature.
a) natural
b) environmental
c) human
d) capital

People working to produce goods and services are ___.
a) Human Resources
b) employees
c) employers
d) Indians

Goods produced and used to make other goods and services are ___.
a) Human Resources
b) Capital Resources
c) tools
d) Natural resources

Which of the following is NOT a way Native Americans got food.
a) fished
b) hunted
c) grew crops
d) shopped

Native Americans made their clothing from ___.
a) animal skins and dirt
b) plants and animal skins
c) plants and insects
d) sewing machines

All of the following were resources Natives would have used to build their homes EXCEPT ___.
a) Wood
b) Sod (dirt/clay)
c) Animal Skins
d) Metal

Which of the following is a Human Resource?
a) spear
b) hunter
c) fire
d) deer

Which of the following is a Capital Resource?
a) fish
b) a person who weaves baskets
c) canoe
d) corn

Which of the following is a Natural Resource?
a) beads
b) kayak
c) bow and arrow
d) rabbit

Which of the following is an example of a Natural Resource?
a) basket
b) fish
c) fisherman
d) net

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