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Review Of Ayn Rand's Anthem.[print questions]

Where does Equality 7-2521 write the beginning part of the novella?
a) In a cave
b) In a tunnel
c) At his house
d) On the street

Why do the members of the World Council of Scholars reject the light bulb?
a) Because they are afraid of it
b) Because it doesn't work
c) Because they already have one
d) Because it is too bright

What word doesn’t the Golden One know until the end of the novella?
a) You
b) Them
c) We
d) I

Who is Prometheus?
a) The Roman God of Fire
b) The Golden One
c) The man who stole fire from the gods
d) The god of the underworld

Equality 7-2521 discovers which of the following?
a) Lightning
b) Electricity
c) Subatomic Particles
d) Greek manuscripts

Why is the Saint of the Pyre burned at the stake?
a) He discovered and spoke the forbidden word
b) He befriended 7-2521
c) He tried to escape the collectivist dictatorship
d) He defied the Council of Vocations by refusing to sweep streets

What is the main conflict of Anthem?
a) The divine versus the government
b) The government versus the jurisprudence
c) The collective versus the government
d) The individual versus the collective

What name does the Golden One take at the end of the novel?
a) Shiva
b) Gaea
c) Rebecca
d) Delilah

What does Equality 7-2521 believe is the most important concept known to man?
a) Light
b) Ego
c) Privacy
d) Silence

What is the first thing the Golden One says after learning the Unspeakable Word?
a) I'm dying.
b) Dinner's ready.
c) I love you.
d) We need to talk.

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