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You can see the Beefeaters
a) near Buckingham Palace
b) at Whitehall
c) in the Tower of London
d) at the British museum

Westminster Abbey is
a) a royal cathedral
b) a royal church
c) a royal museum
d) a royal palace

The statue of Admiral Nelson is in
a) Piccadilly Circus
b) Trafalgar Square
c) the Tower of London
d) Oxford Street

Speaker's Corner is in
a) Hyde Park
b) Regent's Park
c) Victoria Park
d) Green Park

The London Zoo is in
a) Hyde Park
b) St James's Park
c) Green Park
d) Regent's Park

The London home of the Queen- Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II-is
a) Windsor Castle
b) Kensigton Palace
c) Westminster Palace
d) Buckingham Palace

The Thames is the name of
a) a tower
b) a river
c) a square
d) a museum

Piccadilly Circus is
a) the meeting point of six streets
b) the London Circus
c) a concert Hall
d) a square

Londoners call London's Underground railway
a) the metro
b) the subway
c) the tube
d) the tram

The famous clock tower Big Ben is a part of
a) the Tower of London
b) the Palace of Westminster
c) Westminster Abbey
d) London Bridge

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