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Which of the following mythologies did we not discuss?
a) Polynesian
b) Chinese
c) Celtic
d) Hindu

Which of the following is NOT true of Grimm’s Fairy Tales?
a) They are more violent than more modern versions
b) They were intended to teach children lessons
c) The majority were collected from other sources and not actually written by the Grimm Brothers
d) They are the only fairy tales told today

Who was King Arthur’s wife and queen and whom was his best friend with whom she later had an affair?
a) Morgan le Fay Mordred
b) Guinevere Merlin
c) Guinevere Lancelot
d) Morgan le Fay Galahad

Which of the following American tall tales did we NOT discuss?
a) Brer Rabbit
b) The Jersey Devil
c) Perseus Medusa
d) Paul Bunyan

What is the English bandit, Robin Hood, known for?
a) Being on TV
b) Having a band of merry men
c) Robbing from the rich to give to the poor
d) His great skills at archery

What happens to Bruno and Shmuel?
a) The camp is liberated and Shmuel moves back to Berlin with Bruno and his family
b) Shmuel escapes the camp and he and Bruno run away together
c) Bruno sneaks into the camp and he and Shmuel die in the gas chamber
d) Bruno moves back to Berlin and never sees Shmuel again

What did Bruno and Shmuel have in common?
a) They had the same birthdate
b) They had the same scar
c) They had the same birthmark
d) They were born in the same country

Which of the following was NOT a reason for Lt. Kotler’s transfer?
a) He was flirting too much with 13-year-old Gretel
b) He was having an affair with Mother
c) He didn’t inform the authorities that his father had fled the country
d) He didn’t believe in the cause and was secretly trying to hide Jewish families

What did Bruno call Auschwitz?
a) Out-Side
b) Out-Front
c) Out-With
d) Out-From

What did Bruno call Hitler?
a) Der Fuhrer
b) The Fury
c) The Fatso
d) The Father

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