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Sound is an example of a/an ___________ wave
a) mechanical
b) electromagnetic
c) transverse
d) random

Light is an example of a/an ___________ wave.
a) mechanical
b) electromagnetic
c) transverse
d) Both B and C

The intensity of (amount of energy carried by) a sound wave is
a) frequency
b) pitch
c) amplitude
d) volume

Which of the following statements is true?
a) Low frequency waves will have a high pitch.
b) High frequency waves will have a high pitch.
c) High frequency waves will have a low pitch.
d) Frequency and pitch are not related.

The speed of a sound wave depends most upon
a) medium
b) wavelength
c) amplitude
d) nothing

Sound will travel through _______ at the fastest speed.
a) gas
b) liquid
c) solid
d) plasma

All sound is produced as the result of
a) instruments.
b) vibrations.
c) air.
d) having plenty of media for it to travel through.

The color that an object appears to be depends upon the
a) angle at which visible light is reflected from the object.
b) use of additive colors.
c) wavelengths of visible light that reach your eyes.
d) speed with which visible light reaches it.

Light demonstrates wave properties when
a) it is refracted.
b) it is reflected.
c) it creates interference patterns.
d) all of the above

When light moves from a material in which its speed is higher to a material in which its speed is lower, the wave is
a) reflected
b) refracted
c) coverged
d) diverged

The rate at which energy moves through a given space describes light
a) intensity.
b) pitch.
c) interference.
d) resonance.

Light waves are
a) longitudinal waves.
b) transverse waves.
c) electromagnetic waves.
d) Both B and C.

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