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Pardon for sins either given or sold by the Catholic Church; one of Martin Luther's protests
a) revolution
b) indulgences
c) sin taker
d) pass

a great and violent change
a) indulgences
b) tornado
c) green grass
d) revolution

economic system that allows for private ownership and open competition of businesses
a) monsoons
b) money
c) capitalism
d) stores

seasonal winds that blow over Asia for months at a time
a) capitalism
b) monsoons
c) Texas
d) sunshine

military leaders of Japan
a) Shinto
b) Air Force
c) shoguns
d) pilots

Japan's own traditional native religion
a) shoguns
b) English
c) Spanish
d) Shinto

huge urban area made up of several large cities
a) deterrence
b) white wall
c) megalopolis
d) Superman

NATO's policy to treat an attack on one country a an attack on itself
a) megalopolis
b) deterrence
c) military
d) Batman

countries surrounding a stronger power who are dependent on that country
a) imperialism
b) Spiderman
c) whole globe
d) satellite nations

system of building foreign empires for military and trade
a) consumers
b) satellite nations
c) imperialism
d) The Hulk

anti-western military alliance between the Soviet Union and other communist countries
a) Common Market
b) Warsaw Pact
c) Pledge of Allegiance
d) Captain America

(European Economic Community) formed in 1958, now known as the European Union. Members agreed to free trade among themselves
a) Warsaw Pact
b) Common Market
c) supermarket
d) Napoleon

global competition between the Soviet Union and United States and their allies
a) Tug of War
b) blitzkrieg
c) Lincoln
d) Cold War

German military strategy using tanks, artillery, and air power at the same time
a) Sam Houston
b) Cold War
c) blitzkrieg
d) jumping jacks

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