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A root-position triad is made up of which scale degrees?
a) 1, 3 and 5
b) 2, 3 and 5
c) 1, 4 and 5
d) 4, 6, 8

What is a root-position triad?
a) A triad played in the bass clef
b) A triad played with one foot holding the pedal on the piano
c) A triad where the bottom note is the first of the scale
d) A triad played while drinking root beer

What is a musical chord?
a) Something you plug in to the wall
b) Any group of 2 or more notes that are played simultaneously
c) Any group of notes that are played simultaneously, as long as they sound good
d) A type of rope

What is the root position triad for C major?
a) E, G and C
b) A, C and E
c) C, D and G
d) C, E and G

What is the root position triad for D major?
a) C, F# and A
b) D, F# and A
c) D, F and A
d) A, D and F#

What is the root position triad for A minor?
a) B, D, F
b) C, F, A
c) A, C# and E
d) A, C and E

G, B and D are the root position triad for:
a) G major
b) G minor
c) Both G major and minor
d) C minor

F, A and C are the root position chord for:
a) D major
b) F minor
c) F major
d) A minor

A, C# and E are the root position chord for:
a) A major
b) A minor
c) Both A major and A minor
d) C minor

What note would change in the root position C triad if we changed it from major to minor?
a) All 3 notes
b) Just C
c) Just E
d) Just G

What note would change in a root-position A triad if we changed it from minor to major?
a) Nothing would change
b) All 3 notes would change
c) Just C
d) Just E

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