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People who learn a trade
a) Skilled Workers
b) Unskilled workers
c) Native Americans
d) Capitalist

A person who enters a new country to settle there.
a) Nativist
b) Immigrant
c) Slave
d) Sarah Bagley

An invention that allowed workers to spin several threads at once.
a) Sewing Machine
b) Telegraph
c) Spinning Jenny
d) Spinny Susan

An invention that sped up the process of cleaning cotton.
a) Telegraph
b) Spinny Jenny
c) Sewing Machine
d) Cotton GIn

A person who invested money in a business for profit.
a) Irish
b) Capitalist
c) Nativist
d) Slaves

A group of people who came to the U.S. due to famines.
a) Nativists
b) Germans
c) Irish
d) Capitalists

A group of people who came to the U.S. due to revolutions.
a) Germans
b) Irish
c) Native Americans
d) Skilled Workers

A group of people who wanted to limit immigration in the U.S. and preserve it for native born white Americans.
a) Irish
b) Germans
c) Immigrants
d) Nativists

Person who invented the Telegraph
a) Samuel F.B. Morse
b) Betsy Ross
c) Samuel Slater
d) Elias Howe

Person who invented the Lightweight Steel Plow.
a) Elias Howe
b) John Deere
c) Samuel F.B. Morse
d) Benjamin Franklin

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