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The transfer of energy to a body by the application of a force that causes the body to move in the direction of the force is called
a) power
b) work
c) distance
d) mechanical advantage

A boy exerts an average force of 65N when he lifts a box 1.2m. How much work does he do?
a) 0 J
b) 54J
c) 66J
d) 78J

_______ is defined as the rate at which work is done.
a) power
b) joule
c) speed
d) mechanical advantage

How much power is required to do 180 J of work in 2.4s?
a) 7.5W
b) 75W
c) 178W
d) 430W

How much power is required to lift a 30N chair .20m in 2s?
a) 1.0W
b) 3.0W
c) 12W
d) 15W

A boy pushes on a parked car with a force of 200N. The car does not move. How much work does the boy do?
a) 200N
b) 200J
c) 0 N
d) None of the above.

What are the units of work?
a) J
b) W
c) m/s
d) kg x m/s

A weightlifter presses a 400N weight 0.5m over his head in 2s. What is the power of the weightlifter?
a) 100N
b) 25W
c) 400W
d) 100W

Which of the following processes requires the most work?
a) A 10kg weight rests on a table.
b) A person holds a 1kg weight stationary with outstretched arms.
c) A person lifts a 1kg weight 1m off the floor.
d) A person lifts a 10kg weight 1m off the floor.

A man pushes a crate along a factory floor by exerting a force of 55N. If the crate moves a distance of 4m, how much work does the man perform?
a) 165N
b) 220J
c) 220N
d) 145J

What are the units of power?
a) watts
b) horsepower
c) joules per second
d) all the choices are correct

In which of the situations is NO work being done?
a) holding a box overhead
b) carrying a box up a flight of stairs
c) pushing a box across the floor
d) lifting a box from the ground to a table top

The amount of work being done on an object can be increased by
a) increasing the speed the object is moved.
b) decreasing the speed the object is moved.
c) increasing the distance the object is moved.
d) decreasing the distance the object is moved.

Power output can be increased by
a) increasing the amount of time in which work is done.
b) decreasing the amount of time in which work is done
c) decreasing the force exerted on an object
d) decreasing the work done on the obect.

__________ is the measure of the ability to do work.
a) photosynthesis
b) power
c) energy
d) respiration

As a dropped penny falls toward the ground, ____ energy is converted to ____ energy.
a) kinetic, potential
b) potential, kinetic
c) mechanical, chemical
d) kinetic, heat

The law of conservation of energy states that energy
a) is created from motion.
b) cannot be created or destroyed
c) is always equal and opposite
d) can only be converted into heat.

Which of the following has the greatest potential energy?
a) a car parked at the top of a hill
b) a car rolling down a hill
c) a person standing on top of a hill
d) a bowling ball falling from a 10-story building

What is kinetic energy?
a) energy an object has due to its motion
b) energy stored within an object
c) energy available to a stationary object
d) energy an object creates

Potential energy is
a) energy an object has due to its position.
b) energy stored in an object
c) dependent upon position, shape/size/mass, condition, etc.
d) All of the above.

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