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Parts And Functions Of The Male Reproductive System.[print questions]

The skin on the outside of the testicles is called:
a) the testes
b) the penis
c) the scrotum
d) the vas deferens

The prostate gland:
a) Is below the bladder
b) Exists only in the male body
c) Produces some of the liquid that is used to make semen
d) All of the answers are correct

When the penis hardens before ejaculation, it is called:
a) the scrotum
b) an ejaculation
c) an erection
d) a wet dream

Why does hair begin to grow around the penis during puberty?
a) to protect from bacteria
b) there is no scientific reason

What is it called when a person experiences ejaculation in his sleep?
a) a night dream
b) an accident
c) a dry dream
d) a wet dream

When sperm leaves the body, it is called:
a) mitosis
b) ejaculation
c) erection
d) it doesn't have a name

The liquid that sperm is mixed in to before ejaculation is called:
a) it doesn't have to mix with a liquid
b) prostate liquid
c) water
d) semen

Sperm are stored in the:
a) testicles
b) epididymis
c) bladder
d) rectum

The tube through which semen and urine exit the body is called:
a) the prostate gland
b) the bladder
c) the urethra
d) the testes

The name of the small body part where sperm are created is:
a) the vas deferens
b) the epididymis
c) the scrotum
d) the testicles

The tube that connects the testicles to the seminal vesicle is called:
a) the prostate gland
b) the penis
c) the testes
d) the vas deferens

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