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If you see a word you don't know
a) try using context clues (read AROUND the word).
b) try leaving the word out and read the sentence, line of poetry, or question without it.
c) try to decide if you think the word looks POSITIVE (good) or NEGATIVE (bad). Words are OFTEN what they look like.
d) do of all of these.

There will be some hard questions and some easy questions for everyone. Don't freak out or beat yourself up. (Please!)
a) True
b) False

On a nonfiction passage, use headings to help you locate answers to questions (AFTER you have read the WHOLE passage).
a) True
b) False

On test day think of yourself as a DETECTIVE going to a crime scene. The CLUES to figure out who did it (the answer to the question) are right there in front of you.
a) True
b) False

On test day remember . . .
a) don't worry.
b) do your best. That's all we ask. :-)
c) the MOST important factor for your success is your ATTITUDE (You CAN do it!) not the size of your brain.
d) all of these.

On test day . . .
a) wear something comfortable. (But NOT too comfortable! NO pajamas!)
b) bring a jacket in case the room gets cold.
c) wear something that makes you feel good.
d) do all of these.

The night before the test you should
a) do a lot of studying.
b) worry about the test.
c) get a good night's sleep.
d) do all of these.

A good breakfast for day of the test would include
a) something with a lot of sugar for energy.
b) a drink with a lot of caffeine to keep you awake.
c) some protein (like an egg, milk, peanut butter, ham and cheese sandwich, etc.) to keep you going for hours.
d) all of these.

When it comes to poems, you should
a) read them once and then answer the questions.
b) read them at least two or three times.
c) read a stanza, answer a question, then read another stanza, answer another question . . .
d) look over them quickly and then answer the questions.

Mrs. Beale believes that you CAN do well on the EOG because
a) we have practiced . . . a LOT!
b) YOU have what it takes to succeed!
c) you have worked hard (and maybe been a LITTLE silly).
d) all of these!!! (Really!) ;-)

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