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Your biggest enemy on the test will be BOREDOM. Because of this you will need to
a) use self-discipline to make yourself read .
b) pay attention.
c) go back and look for the answers in the passage.
d) do all of these.

Remember . . .
a) to read the ENTIRE passage (even if it's boring).
b) to go back and skim for answers AFTER you have read the entire passage.
c) to NEVER skim for answers UNTIL you have read the entire passage (even if it's boring).
d) do all of these.

It's okay if you
a) mark in the test booklet.
b) get highlighter on the answer sheet.
c) do all of these.
d) talk during the break.

You should
a) look at ALL the answer choices before you choose your answer.
b) watch out for ATTRACTIVE wrong answers. (Often they come BEFORE the RIGHT answer.)
c) beware of answer choices that include ALL, NONE, ALWAYS, NEVER. (ALL means EVERY single one, NEVER means absolutely never…)
d) do all of these

Which statement is FALSE?
a) The most common answer choices on multiple choice tests are B and C.
b) It's okay to leave questions blank.
c) Read the WHOLE question carefully before you pick your answer. (Beware of answer choices that fit only PART of the question.)
d) Make sure you ANSWER what the question is ASKING. (Not what you THINK it is asking!)

The MOST IMPORTANT thing that will determine YOUR SCORE on the EOG is
a) what your grades are on your report card.
b) if you are not sure of an answer, be willing to GO BACK AND LOOK FOR THE ANSWER - every time.
c) if you are lucky.
d) what other people think you can do.

On a hard question, see if you can eliminate any of the answer choices and then
a) make an educated guess.
b) do eenie, meenie, miney, moe.
c) close your eyes and pick an answer.
d) all of these.

Look over the questions BEFORE YOU READ the selection because
a) it will help you on questions like THE MAIN IDEA OF PARAGRAPH 1 IS ... (Answer that one as soon as you read paragraph 1!)
b) you will know what to look for as you're reading (like making a grocery list before you go shopping).
c) you may see the answer to some of the questions as you read. (Don't worry about rememberimg ALL of the questions.)
d) all of these

Research shows that students who get out of their seats during breaks SCORE HIGHER. (Pretty EASY way to raise your score!) That means during the breaks you should
a) stay seated.
b) get up for a minute and then sit down.
c) take a quick nap.
d) stand up and move the whole time.

Most students will have PLENTY of time. Smart test takers do NOT finish first! That means you should
a) work at a steady pace.
b) be careful as you work.
c) not rush so you can finish early.
d) all of these.

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