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Which of these in an inherited trait?
a) Pierced ears
b) Being left handed
c) Liking country music
d) Ability to read

Which of these is an acquired trait?
a) Eye color
b) Shape of your nose
c) Ability to hit a baseball
d) Having naturally curly hair

A dog has 5 puppies, 3 females and 2 males. Which statement best describes the characteristics of these puppies?
a) The male puppies will look like the father, and the female puppies with look like the mother.
b) The male and female puppies will look like both the mother and the father.
c) All of the puppies will look exactly like their father.
d) All of the puppies will look exactly like their mother.

Which of these does a child inherit from his parents?
a) Favorite color
b) Eye color
c) Speaking Spanish
d) Saying the alphabet

Which statement best describes the relationship between inherited traits and acquired traits?
a) Inherited traits came from genes and acquired traits are learned through the environment.
b) Inherited and acquired traits are both present at birth.
c) Acquired traits come from genes and inherited traits are learned through the environment.
d) Inherited and acquired traits both come from genes.

What factor most affects whether a student has a cleft chin or a smooth chin?
a) Whether the child has a big mouth or a small mouth.
b) The diet of the student.
c) The environment where the student lives.
d) The genes inherited traits from the parents of the students.

Which of these has the greatest effect on how tall a child will grow?
a) The average height of the other siblings.
b) The height of the oldest sibiling.
c) Genetic material from the shortest parent.
d) Genetic material from both parents.

Your body moves food through the digestive system by using
a) Smooth muscles
b) Cardiac muslces
c) Voluntary muslces
d) Flexor muscles

The material within the bones that make blood cells is called
a) fat
b) mineral
c) compact bone
d) bone marrow

What type of muscles are found in your heart?
a) Cardiac muscles
b) Smooth muscles
c) Skeletal muscles
d) Voluntary muscles

What are two parts of your body that are made our of cartilage?
a) hair and nails
b) teeth and gums
c) tongue and jaw bone
d) end of nose and top of ear

Structure that allows you to move your arm in all directions.
a) Ball and socket joint
b) Digestive System
c) Tissue
d) Strain

Adults have only many bones?
a) 200
b) 206
c) 300
d) 306

What are the blood vessels in your heart called?
a) Veins
b) Capillaries
c) Arteries
d) All of the above

The brain, spinal cord and nerves are part of the
a) Digestive System
b) Nervous System
c) Circulatory System
d) Muscular System

The mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestines are apart of the
a) Circulatory System
b) Muscular System
c) Digestive System
d) Respiratory System

Your muscular system is made up of
a) Bones
b) Organs
c) Muscles
d) Veins

Skeletal System is made up of
a) Bones
b) Organs
c) Muscles
d) Veins

Heart, blood and blood vessels make up the
a) Respiratory System
b) Circulatory System
c) Digestive System
d) Skeletal System

The nose, trachea and lungs are part of the
a) Circulatory System
b) Digestive System
c) Muscular System
d) Respiratory System

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