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If you recycle a tonne of paper, how many trees are you saving?
a) 12
b) 17
c) 23
d) 27

Which percentage of the waste that we throw into the bin could be recycled?
a) 50%
b) 60%
c) 70%
d) 80%

Recycling just one aluminium can saves enough energy to run a television for about…
a) 3 hours
b) 6 hours
c) 9 hours
d) 12 hours

How many years does it take a single aluminium can to decompose?
a) 20-40 years
b) 60-80 years
c) 80-100 years
d) 100-120 years

What colour is the paper recycling container?
a) Green
b) Yellow
c) Grey
d) Blue

Where would you throw an energy-saving light bulb?
a) In a yellow container
b) In a recycling center
c) In a green container
d) In a blue container

The real meaning of the three R’s is...
a) Reuse, remove, recycle
b) Reuse, reduce, remove
c) Reduse, reuse, recycle
d) Renew, reduce, recycle

How many litres of water a week can you save having a short shower instead of a bath?
a) 60
b) 100
c) 400
d) 600

Where should we throw a used pen or pencil?
a) In the green container
b) In the yellow container
c) In the brown container
d) In the grey container

How many kilos of paper and carton did the Spanish recycle in 2011?
a) 15
b) 22
c) 28
d) 30

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