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7. This country was once called Burma
a) China
b) Mexico
c) Germany
d) Myanmar

China’s pledge to allow Western freedoms and capitalism to exist side by side with Chinese
a) 2 countries, 2 systems
b) 1 Country, 2 systems
c) 1 Country, 1 System
d) 3 Countries, 3 Systems

Russian spacecraft that was the first to orbit the Earth in 1957
a) Sputnik I
b) Sputnik II
c) Apollo 11
d) Space Station

What countries does the Ring of Fire mainly affect?
a) Norway and Sweden
b) United States and Mexico
c) China and Japan
d) United States and Canada

Pacific coastal area with volcanoes and frequent
a) Ring of Fire
b) Black Hole
c) Olympic Games
d) Sputnik

4. What separates China from North Korea?
a) Yellow River
b) Yalu River
c) The Great Wall of China
d) Ring of Fire

Originally started as a festival to honor the gods, especially Zeus
a) Tae kwaon do
b) Olympic Games
c) Christmas
d) Thanksgiving

Where di the Olympic Games Begin?
a) China
b) United States
c) Olymipa Greee
d) Athens

More than 4,000 miles long from the Yellow sea to the western deserts – built to defend China from northern invaders
a) Great Wall of China
b) Yellow River
c) Yula River
d) Great Wall of Asia

It began in Britain in the 1700’s. People used machinery to increase productivity. this allowed consumer goods to be mass-produced at a reduced cost.
a) Olympic Games
b) Ring of Fire
c) Industrial Revolution
d) Free Enterprise

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