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How can plate tectonics contribute to evolution?
a) Separating plates can divide groups of a population
b) Volcanic eruptions can cause species to become extinct.
c) The movement of plates forces some animals underground.
d) Radiation from plate tectonics can cause genetic change.

Species that evolve in different locations but similar environments can appear similar. This is known as ________.
a) geographic isolation
b) convergent evolution
c) continental drift
d) divergent evolution

Which type of scientists study pharyngeal pouches?
a) entomlogist
b) paleontologist
c) embryologist
d) microbiologist

Scientists compare DNA from living organisms to identify __________.
a) a fossil's location
b) natural selection
c) similarities between species
d) geographic isolation

Which would be considered homologous structures?
a) bones in a bird's arm and bones in a frog's arm
b) a specific protein in yeast also found in rhesus monkeys
c) a permineralized bone of a wooly mammoth and original material of a wooly mammoth
d) the wing of a bat and the wing of an insect

The human appendix is an example of __________.
a) an adaptation
b) a beneficial trait
c) a harmful trait
d) a vestigial structure

Studying embryology helps scientists understand __________.
a) the early stages of an organism's growth
b) how a species reproduces
c) how a species makes food through photosynthesis
d) where organisms migrate during their lives

When an eagle's wing and an ostrich's wing are compared, similar bone structures are discovered. They are __________.
a) cast fossils
b) homologous structures
c) naturally selected
d) analogous structures

Vestigial structures provide evidence of __________.
a) photosynthesis
b) evolution
c) populations
d) a common ancestor

Thorns found on cacti and thorns found on roses are examples of
a) homologous structures
b) analogous structures
c) vestigial structures
d) convergent structures

Thorns found on cacti and thorns found on roses developed from which type of evolution?
a) convergent evolution
b) divergent evolution
c) standard evolution
d) gradualism

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