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What does a paleontologist study?
a) dinosaurs
b) fossils
c) plants
d) life

What kind of information have fossils provided for scientists?
a) They have helped scientists determine when plants and animals first lived on land.
b) They have helped scientists determine when life first appeared on Earth.
c) They have helped scientists determine when organisms became extinct.
d) all of the above

What determines whether or not an organism will become a fossil?
a) the type of soil it is buried in
b) its chemical makeup
c) the weather conditions at the time of death
d) how well it is protected from scavengers, decomposers, and physical agents that break things down

What is a carbon film?
a) a silhouette of the original organism made of a thin film of carbon residue
b) a mold of the original organism made of carbon residue
c) a cast of the original organism made of carbon residue
d) a silhouette of the original organism made of a thin film of nitrogen residue

Which fossil formation process would most likely produce an image of an ancient fern leaf on a rock?
a) cast
b) mold
c) carbonization
d) permineralization

What is the study of fossils?
a) embryology
b) entomology
c) microbiology
d) paleontology

Which structure of an ancient organism is least likely to be found as a fossil?
a) a clam shell
b) a dinosaur muscle
c) a shark tooth
d) a tree trunk

What type of fossil formation process created tree fossils?
a) carbonization
b) cast
c) mold
d) permineralization

Which is true for an original material fossil?
a) Minerals replaced hard structures
b) Only carbon from molecules that made up its body remains.
c) No hard or soft structures have been altered.
d) An imprint of the material has been filled with sediment that hardened into rock.

What are the cavities (holes) left in rocks when shells or bones disssolve?
a) casts
b) molds
c) original material
d) carbon films

Which condition makes fossil formation of an organism's remains more likely?
a) attacked by scavengers
b) contains mostly hard structures
c) covered by acidic soils
d) decomposed by bacteria

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