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What were the two blocs of the Cold War?
a) Fascist and capitalist
b) Capitalist and socialist
c) Capitalist and communist
d) Communist and fascist

Why was the Cold War so-called?
a) Because it was a war of cold-heartness
b) Because it was fought in Russia
c) Because it was fought in the winter
d) Because there was no armed conflict between the USA and the Soviet Union

The League of Nations had failed to prevent World War II. What replaced it?
a) European Union
b) Warsaw Pact
c) United Nations

After the war in Europe was over with the fall of Berlin, the Allies focused their attention to Japan. Realizing that Japan wouldn't surrender easily, what did President Harry Truman order?
a) Invasion of Japan with help from the Soviets
b) Potsdam Conference to be held
c) Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
d) Invasion of the Japanese home islands

The USA entered World War II on 7thDecember 1941. What was the immediate reason?
a) Germany declared war on America
b) Japan invaded Alaska
c) Germany again sank American ships
d) Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

There were two sides of WWII, the Allies and the Axis. Which of these countries were the four main Allied powers at the end of 1941?
a) USSR, India, Italy and Turkey
b) Britain, France, USSR and USA
c) Britain, China, Spain and India
d) USA, Canada, Australia and China

What started World War II?
a) German bombings of Britain
b) German invasion of The Netherlands
c) German invasion of Poland
d) German invasion of France

Japan rose to become a world power from about 1890 onwards. What was their excuse for dominating East and South-East Asia in the 1930s?
a) They wanted to build an empire expanded throughout Asia
b) They wanted to take Australia to add it the empire
c) To free countries under occupation by the West
d) They wanted to control China

Who was the person who rose to become leader of Germany in the 1930s?
a) Herman Goering
b) Otto von Bismarck
c) Adolf Hitler
d) Kaiser Wilhelm II

Which of these was a key issue throughout the entire Cold War?
a) Nuclear arms race between USSR and USA
b) Space Race
c) Vietnam War
d) Korean War

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