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What word best describes the religion of the Ancient Egyptians?
a) boring
b) polytheistic
c) monotheistic

What is one of the achievements of the Egyptians?
a) papyrus
b) pyramids
c) shaduf
d) all of the above

What was the form of picture writing used by the Egyptians?
a) Hieroglyphics
b) Cuneiform
c) Calligraphy
d) Hebrew

What was the name of the people who were trained to read and write?
a) Priests
b) Scribes
c) Craftsmen
d) Merchants

Who was at the top of the well defined social structure in Egypt?
a) Slaves
b) Nobles
c) Pharaoh
d) Merchants

What body of water does the Nile River flow into?
a) The Red Sea
b) The Persian Gulf
c) The Atlantic Ocean
d) The Mediterranean Sea

Lower Egypt is located near_____________.
a) Upper Egypt
b) The Valley of the Kings
c) The Nile Delta
d) The Libyan Desert

What is the belief in one god?
a) polytheism
b) monotheism

Most of Egypt is made up of ____________.
a) mountains
b) Desert
c) Rivers
d) Forests

What is the Gift of the Nile referring to?
a) The annual floods which brought rich silt and water for farming.
b) The sacred crocodile
c) Swimming in the river on hot days
d) None of the above

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