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When a community has a large surplus of food, a specialized work force, a complex religious system, a structured education system, and a government, it can be described as a(n)
a) expedition
b) glacier
c) emperor
d) civilization

What type of government does the government of the United States have?
a) dictatorship
b) democracy
c) oligarchy
d) dictatorship

Which word means- the way a country manages its resources to produce goods and services?
a) expedition
b) epic
c) aquaduct
d) economy

What did Hammurabi create?
a) The wheel
b) A plow
c) The first code of laws

What was one effect of irrigation?
a) A long period of time with no water
b) Domestic animals were raised to work on farms
c) the Fertile Crescent flooded
d) Farmers were able to bring water to the crops

What were the religious beliefs of the Mesopotamians
a) Mesopotamian people were monotheistic
b) Mesopotamian people did not believe in god.
c) Mesopotamian people were polytheistic

What is the name of the temple that was used for religious purposes in Mesopotamia?
a) Ziggurat
b) Mosque
c) Church
d) Pyramid

Which of these early settlements developed in Mesopotamia?
a) Catal Huyuk
b) Jericho
c) Babylon
d) All of the above

What does the name Mesopotamia mean in Greek?
a) Land of the Fertile Crescent
b) Land Between the Rivers
c) Land of Judaism
d) Land of Abraham

What was the Sumerian's most important invention?
a) art
b) music
c) plow
d) wheel

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