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This is proof used in a trial.
a) Evidence
b) Closing Arguments
c) Lies told by witnesses
d) None of these

I am a lawyer who tries to prove the defendant is guilty.
a) Defense Attorney
b) Judge
c) Prosecuting Attorney
d) Bailiff

Statements made by witnesses under oath.
a) Testimony
b) Clerks
c) Honest Words
d) Plaintiffs

I will testify about what I know about the case.
a) Judge
b) Jury
c) Witness
d) Visitor's Gallery

Decision made by the jury.
a) Choice
b) Plaintiff
c) Verdict
d) Testimony

I am accused of doing something wrong.
a) Defense Attorney
b) Defendant
c) Judge
d) Bailiff

We listen to witnesses and decide the verdict.
a) Jury
b) Judge
c) Defendant
d) Visitor's Gallery

I make sure the trial is run fairly.
a) Jury
b) Defense Lawyer
c) Judge
d) Clerk

I am a lawyer hired to represent the defendant.
a) Defense Attorney
b) Plaintiff
c) Prosecuting Attorney
d) District Attorney

Speeches given by lawyers at the start of a trial.
a) Jury statements
b) Opening statements
c) Closing arguments
d) Clerk comments

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