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soil that is rich in humus has high
a) fertility
b) water content
c) sand content
d) clay content

Living organisms in soil help to
a) slow the rate of soil formation
b) build up the C horizon
c) mix the soil and make humus
d) prevent the formation of humus

What term describes the management of soil to prevent its destruction
a) soil exhaustion
b) soil decomposition
c) soil conservation
d) soil fertility

When are the tides highest
a) during the moon's first quarter phase
b) when the sun, Earth, and moon are nearly in a line
c) during the moon's third quarter phase
d) when the moon is at a right angle to the sun

The three major fossil fuels are coal, oil, and
a) wood
b) natural gas
c) uranium
d) electricity

A volcano that may erupt again at some time in the distant future is
a) active
b) dormant
c) explosive
d) extinct

One of the conditions required for life on Earth is
a) alternating day and night cycles
b) extreme temperatures
c) polar ice caps
d) liquid water

Tides are caused by
a) strong winds that blow over ocean waters
b) the interaction of Earth, the moon, and the sun
c) the shifting of the plates on the ocean floor
d) variations in the salinity of ocean water

As you descend (go down) through the water column
a) temperature decreases (gets cooler)
b) pressure decreases (gets less)
c) light increases (gets brighter)
d) density decreases (gets less)

Earth's rotation makes global winds curve. This is called the
a) convection effect
b) global effect
c) Coriolis effect
d) rotational effect

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