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Earth's inner core is
a) a dense ball of solid metal
b) a layer of moten metal
c) a layer of hot rock
d) a layer of rock that forms Earth's outer skin

What technology did scientists use in the mid-1900s to map the mid ocean ridge?
a) satellites
b) deep sea diving
c) submarines
d) sonar

Most geologists think that the movement of Earth's plates is caused by
a) conduction
b) earthquakes
c) convection currents in the mantle
d) Earth's magnetic field

Two conditions are required for cloud formation: cooling of the air and
a) the absorption of infrared energy
b) the unequal heating of Earth's surface
c) the presence of particles in the air
d) the influence of the Coriolis effect

The prevailing westerlies, the major wind bels over the continental US, generally push air masses from
a) east to west
b) west to east
c) north to south
d) south to north

Thunderstorms form within
a) high altocumulus clouds
b) high cirrocumulus clouds
c) large cumulonimbus clouds
d) low cirrus clouds

Hurricanes typically form over
a) cold ocean water
b) tropical rain forests
c) warm ocean water
d) very dry land masses

Ice wedging causes mechanical weathering of rock by means of
a) heating and cooling
b) plant growth
c) animal actions
d) freezing and thawing of water

A hot and wet climate causes weathering to take place
a) slowly
b) at the same rate as when the climate is dry and cool
c) unevenly
d) rapidly

Soil formation begins with the weathering of
a) litter
b) bedrock
c) the A horizon
d) humus

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