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Board of Supervisors, City Council, Town Council, and General Assembly. What do this four groups all have in common?
a) They pass laws.
b) They are part of the Executive Branch.
c) They are all found in local governments.
d) They all have the power of Judicial Review.

Mark, a resident of Fairfax County, wants to make a complaint to his local legislature. He does not agree with an ordinance passed that gives people between the ages of 15 and 18 a curfew. Who has the power to change this ordinance?
a) The mayor
b) The General Assembly
c) The Board of Supervisors
d) The House of Delegates

Every year the President makes a speech listing out laws he would like to see Congress pass in the upcoming year. How is he impacting public policy?
a) Appointing people to public office.
b) Vetoing legislation
c) Making the State of the Union Address

The U.S. Government handles all foreign policy and prints money. The state of Virginia issues drivers' licenses and takes care of its residents' safety. What is this an example of?
a) Separation of Powers
b) Judicial Review
c) Public Policy
d) Federalism

Evan was charged with possession of an illegal substance. Before he could be found guilty of the crime, the government had to make sure his constitutional rights were protected. What is this called?
a) Due process
b) Judicial Review
c) Civil Case
d) Supremacy Clause

Jeff was arrested by the FBI for making counterfeit money. Which court would have original jurisdiction over his case?
a) Fairfax County General District Court
b) District Court
c) VA Court of Appeals
d) Circuit Court

'The Powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.' Which amendment does this statement come from?
a) 1st Amendment
b) 5th Amendment
c) 10th amendment
d) 14th Amendment

A group of people with common beliefs about one particular issue (example: gun control). Their goal is to educate people and government on the issue and encourage the government to pass laws that help their cause.
a) Special Interest Group
b) Congress
c) the media
d) Bull Moose Party

The term public policy is often used when referring to...
a) Problems
b) Issues
c) Special Interest Groups
d) Laws

The NRA hired Dave, a lawyer, to persuade Congress not to pass legislation that would increase gun control. Dave would be an example of-
a) a committee member
b) the media
c) a lobbyist
d) a member of the General Assembly

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